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Have you ever spent a frenzied 30 minutes looking for the phone in your back pocket? (I have, true story)

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day crashing on the couch with no energy to spend that quiet half hour before bedtime on yourself?

Are you just tired of being tired?

Take a deep breath, because I can help you.

My name is Desirée Domacassé and I am passionate about helping moms regain their energy and spark, by implementing one stress-free healthy habit at a time.

I have a background in biomedical science, I’m a BATC-registered orthomolecular therapist specialized in helping moms who used to be a dancer (long story). After finishing my master’s degree in behavioral economics (cum laude) and working as an economist at the Dutch central bank, I started Daisy’s Yellow Pepper.

My qualifications

  • Background in Biomedical Sciences (VU)

  • Natural food expert (Sonnevelt)

  • Orthomoleculair therapeut (Ortho Health Foundation)

  • Hormones and Women's Complaints (Ortho Health Foundation)

  • Hormone Consulent (Ortho Health Foundation)

  • Energetic Morphological Blood Test (Ortho Health Foundation)

  • Basic medical knowledge (Con Amore)

How I can help you

Daisy's Yellow Pepper Program

Do you need personal guidance for chronic complaints? Via a process of 8 (telephone) consults spread over 4 months, we will tackle the cause of your complaints. We carry out laboratory tests, such as blood, faecal and/or DNA tests. As a result, you are guaranteed a tailor-made route.

This approach is suitable for mothers who need help in recovering from childbirth. For example, if you are struggling with postpartum depression, burnout, hormonal complaints such as PCOS, infertility, auto immunity and irritable bowel syndrome, this is an appropriate route.

You will receive a package of ingredients and/or vitamins, get access to recipes and the online environment.

Costs: €1249,- incl. vat

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    Desirée Domacassé

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