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‘In April I contacted Desirée. After a tough delivery I was diagnosed with a postnatal depression. Even though I almost fully recovered through therapy, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I still had some progress to make. I didn’t have the confidence that my body would be able to handle a second pregnancy and just the thought gave me a complete anxiety attach.

As if it was meant to be, I came across a few articles written by Desirée that really spoke to me. After trying different things to feel (mentally) strong again, I had gotten exceedingly curious as to whether nutrition and the right vitamines would be able to solve my constant fretting and exhaustion. For someone who wasn’t necessarily interested in nutrition and knew very little, I’ve been able to implement many positive changes in only a few months. Because I can truly feel the difference these changes have come easily. I’m really happy the endless fretting and worrying have resolved themselves. It’s so nice to have energy again and not have to recover the whole weekend from a busy workweek.

Not only has Desirée helped me with practical steps like which vitamines are best for me to take and which nutrients I need (these even included grocery lists), she’s also taken extensive time to find a solution for my specific symptoms. I’m forever grateful to Desirée. And who knows, that second baby will become a reality for me!’



“[Desirée] is a guru on anything and everything related to health and your body and lifestyle! She’s helped both me and my husband and mother-in-law immensely. We’re all very happy and healthy thanks to her!”

Veronica Mercado

‘So grateful to have met Desirée! Her wholistic health program did Magic to me.

Had started a new, very demanding job as well as a master program at Oxford University – while preparing to move into a new house which I was planning to renovate and furnish. Lot of pressure and work to do, nights and weekends filled with nothing but studying – and few months down the road I simply got exhausted, mentally and physically.

Met Desirée and … all is right in the world right now:) She understood immediately what was going on, did all necessary tests and started the program.
After only 4 sessions, I could already see results. And after 2 months I got my energy back, digestion got very much improved, my body got strengthened and the imbalances in the body mostly fixed.
4 months down the road and still in love with how I feel after applying Desiree’s program.

I don’t normally have addictions in life, but this might have just become one 🙂
She changed my life. I am different now – Healthier, Happier, and truly Enjoying life. And more importantly – more conscious about the importance of prioritizing my wellbeing before anything else. That has become one of my personal key metrics for defining success in life.

I wish I had met Desirée earlier… wish I’d started this journey and made all these changes long time ago, triggered by all the evidence of the scientific research, and the studies, and the spiritual teachings I’d read.

But the truth is that most of the time what truly transforms our lives is a very painful wake- up call.

#DoNotWait, #PeriodicalLifeAudit #TransformYourLife, #GetBriliantEveryDay

Desirée and her program – 5 stars and more’



“Loved working with Desirée! She’s very enthusiastic, knowledgeable about healthy eating and has a solution for everything. Enjoyed her advice and commitment. I wish I could continue working with her because before I knew it the 6 weeks were over. And you know what? I finally found my energy and spark back!”

Carolien Meijer

“Two months ago life looked a lot different. I wasn’t eating as healthy as I did during both my pregnancies. I felt extremely tired both physically and emotionally. I was worrying a lot about my baby. According the pediatrician her growth was lagging behind. I was also having a tough time with my toddler since he needed more attention than I had the energy to give. And my relationship was also under pressure. At that point I made an appointment with Desirée and I started the program with the conviction that I didn’t want to go on like this any longer. We talked about nutrition, but also about the growth of my baby and how to deal with those concerns. With relatively easy adaptations I now feel much better. I worry less, I’m not as irritable and have the headspace to be there for both little ones. I hope to take more steps in the future. But just realizing how my wellbeing is such a deciding factor for the rest of my family ensures that I’m determined to stay on track with my new habits.”


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“I find the things you post (in the Facebook group) very compelling and I think it’s really great you’re doing this work. I really miss the fact that Western Medicine doesn’t pay much attention to women after giving birth. It’s a shame so many women aren’t taken seriously because of that and are told ‘it’s just part of the deal’. It’s been nine months since I gave birth to my second child and believe I’ve mostly recovered. Except for losing a lot of weight from having children. This worsens all type of deficiencies, which is the starting point for having symptoms. Thanks to your posts I understand my health concerns better and I know I’m not alone. Thank you for that!”


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