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Postpartum Hormones

Once you become a mother, you’ll often hear the phrase ‘it’s part of the job’ and ‘it’s just a phase’ when you finally do ask for help. Unfortunately, we start believing this is the way it is. When in reality, you could be struggling with symptoms related to postpartum months and even years after giving birth.


Many hormonal changes take place during pregnancy like the increased pressure on your thyroid. These are all changes that will allow your baby to receive everything it needs for its growth and development. Which means that you no longer have priority status and you only have access to whatever nutrients are left. Therefore, not only are you dealing with an increased hormonal pressure, but in addition you also face a depleted nutrient status. And since this information isn’t readily available, we don’t specifically replenish these nutrients once we become mothers.

Hormonal complaints you’re experiencing aren’t only physical in nature, like a heavy menstruation, but these can also be mental and emotional including anxiety or feelings of gloom

Who is it for?


This program is for you if you recognize more than one of the following:

– you gave birth less than 4 years ago
– you’re so tired, you can’t function properly
– you stress out about the smallest things and it’s difficult to recover afterwards
– getting through the day without coffee is not an option
– your mommy brain can’t retain important information that doesn’t concern your child(ren)
– you suffer from anxiety and hypervigilance
– it’s really hard to eat healthy despite knowing about nutrition
– your body is weak and you have no endurance
– you’re susceptible to any type of cold and flu
– your cycle is very different and more intense compared to life before your pregnancy

– you’ve been diagnosed (in the past) with postpartum depression or a burnout

If this is you then it’s important to know you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to start feeling better without needing an intense intervention – your body, which has made one or more humans, has the ability to restore itself to health with the right nutrients and care!

Online Program


There are 4 common hormonal imbalances moms struggle with postpartum. Most mothers recognize more than one of these imbalances. Within a private Facebook community you’ll receive the tools needed to reverse your symptoms quickly and make progress towards feeling like yourself again


– A weekly video introduction (20 minutes) of the hormonale imbalance to be discussed
– An in depth analysis of your symptoms and complaints
– An easy to implement treatment plan including recipes, supplement advice, lifestyle exercises (like movement, meditation and journalling)
– Weekly live Q&A
– Community of likeminded mothers
Expect to spend 45 minutes a week for optimal results and if needed you can always invest more time




Restore your hormonal balance by reversing postnatal depletion, which will allow you to function optimally


Give yourself the time and space to replenish so you can be the mother you want to be


No room for complicated steps, diets, strict rules or hours of staring at your screen being overwhelmed by what needs to be done

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On November 23rd the online program starts and will last for 4 weeks. You will have access to all the materials until the end of December.


The program price is €99. When you sign up through the form, you’ll receive a tikkie and an invoice. When the payment has been received, you’ll be added to the private Facebook group


If you have any questions you need answered, please make use of the whatsapp button or send an email to desiree@daisysyellowpepper.com

Daisy's Yellow Pepper


About me

My name is Desirée Domacassé and I’m the founder of Daisy’s Yellow Pepper. For more than 4 years I’ve been supporting (new) moms with their postpartum recovery in my orthomolecular practice. My specializations as a therapist include hormonal health, nutrition, the immune system, postnatal depletion and gut health. As a coach I make use of my expertise as a behavioral economist (MSc). A long time ago my fascination with the human body was strengthened when I was studying dance. At the moment I’m in the process of obtaining my masters in Health Science, because a holistic treatment combined with a scientific background is the most successful approach. You can read reviews here.


With this online course, I hope to offer moms an accessible path to feeling better while restoring the confidence in their wondrous
life giving bodies!

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